Portland Coffee Social Club and Pacific Foods
proudly present

Barista Series Series© GRAND FINALE

Good Coffee Slabtown

October 4, 2019

How it works:

Portland Coffee Social Club will host 5 Latte Art Throwdowns on a monthly basis during the 2019 season. In each of these 5 Barista Series Series events, the first round (32-person bracket) will use a Pacific Foods Barista Series alternative-milk for all pours. All competitors taking part in the first round will receive points (0-3 points, determined by how many judges ‘finger-points’ are received).

Competitors will be ranked by points after each throwdown and rankings will be available online the day following each event. After the 5th Barista Series Series event the top 16 ranked competitors will be offered a spot in the Barista Series Series Final Tournament bracket, for the chance to compete to win a fully customized La Marzocco Linea Mini and a plethora of other unbelievable prizes.

*Earning points in the first round of each throwdown is the only way to collect points toward ranking. It is possible to win an overall throwdown or mulitiple throwdowns, and not qualify for the Barista Series Series Final Tournament.


Round 1: February 23 ◆◆◆ Prince Coffee (NE / Beaumont) ◆◆◆ Soy
Round 2: March 29 ◆◆◆ Upper Left Roasters (SW / Meier & Frank) ◆◆◆ Almond
Round 3: May 31 ◆◆◆ Relevant Coffee (Vancouver) ◆◆◆ Coconut
Round 4: June 28 ◆◆◆ PushXPull (SE / Buckman) ◆◆◆ Rice OAT!
Round 5: July 26 ◆◆◆ In J (SW / PSU) ◆◆◆ Oat
Barista Series Series Final Tournament: October 4, 2019 ◆◆◆ Location: Good Coffee Slabtown

Final Regular Season Rankings:

** Players: If your name is spelled incorrectly, or to add your last name please email portlandcoffeeclub at gmail

The Fine Print:

Barista Series Series is an ongoing seasonal competition within a competition. Each Latte Art Throwdown is organized by a bracket system. 32 registered competitors will be selected randomly and placed in 16 pairs to face off in a traditional latte art throwdown. During this first round, (3) judges will “vote” for their favored latte art by pointing at the cup. Competitors will receive between 0-3 points, and the winner (2 or more points) will move on to the second round.

The remainder of the Latte Art Throwdown (using dairy milk) will proceed to narrow down to a winner. The Barista Series Series portion of the Throwdown, including tallying and recording of points, only takes place during the first round.

For brevity purposes the term “Milk” will be used to describe both dairy milk from a cow and plant-based milk alternatives unless expressly specified.

Each competitor must pour in the (4-8oz) vessel provided. Competitors will be allowed to fill and steam a single (1) pitcher of milk for each round. There are no do-overs. Competitors will not pull their own espresso shots - shots will be pulled by an event volunteer. There is a 3-minute limit for each competitor.

A. Competitor Registration
◆ Limited to 32 competitors determined by first come / first serve.
◆ If there are people still wanting to compete after the 32 spaces are filled, they will be placed on a waitlist.
◆ Competitors are not allowed to register for more than one place in a single bracket.
◆ If a competitor takes more than 2 minutes to arrive at the espresso machine when their name is called, their spot may be forfeited to next in line on the waitlist.
◆ In order to participate, the competitor must have some experience with espresso preparation and the equipment used to do so. In addition, the competitor must have experience pouring milk-based beverages.

B. Competition Time / Competitor requirements
◆ The competitor will have 3 minutes total to present completed latte art to judges. It is not necessary to fill the entire 3 minutes.
◆ Competitors will not pull their own espresso shots - shots will be pulled by an event volunteer.
◆ Each competitor will get one pitcher 4-8oz pour of milk, and only one opportunity to steam.
◆ Pitchers will be provided, however competitors may bring their own pitcher / jug of choice.
◆ Espresso and milk are provided. Competitors may not bring their own espresso or milk.
◆ Latte art be must “free pour” - no etching or sauces are allowed. The only ingredients will be espresso and milk.
◆ Once the competitor has finished their pour, they must place it on the designated space to be judged.

C. Judging
Drinks will be judged using the following criteria:
◆ Balance & Symmetry
◆ Contrast & Definition
◆ Use of Space
◆ Difficulty of Pour
◆ Overall Impression

There will be 3 judges. Judges will not discuss their evaluation of pours with each other. Discourse between judges will stop between the first cup being placed on the table and voting. After competitor pours are placed before the judges, the event presenter or emcee will count-down from 3, and the three judges will point at their favored pour. Judges may talk after voting is complete.

*Accidental spillage of milk will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

D. Points / Season / Finals
◆ The first round of each of the 5 scheduled Latte Art Throwdowns will use a pre-selected, compulsory Pacific Foods Barista Series plant-based beverage. Points earned toward the Barista Series Series Final Tournament will be earned only during the first round of each event.
◆ Each Judge’s vote will count as 1 point for a maximum of 3 points per round.
◆ Points from each event will be tabulated, rankings will be updated and made available within one day after each event.
◆ The Top 16 competitors with the most points earned by the end of the 5th event will be invited to Barista Series Series Final Tournament, taking place in Portland, during Fall 2019.
◆ Prizes awarded at the Barista Series Series Final Tournament are valued at a total of $5000.

All events are FREE for spectators. *Details are subject to change, so please come back for more info (including additional prize details, registration times, etc) as we approach each event date.

All competitors, spectators, vendors, sponsors, and venue hosts are expected to comply our Code of Conduct.